Adding Music to a Digital Story Created with Microsoft Photo Story 3

Adding Computer-Generated Music in Photo Story 3

Photo Story 3 includes prerecorded music of many different styles and genres that you can use to customize for your story. You can add music both from your computer and the Photo Story prerecorded music to your stories. Only one piece of music can play for a selected picture or anchor image.

To add computer-generated music to your story with Photo Story 3

  1. On the Add background music page, click a picture, and then click Create Music.

    create music button

  2. In the Create Music dialog box, in the Genre list, click a genre.
  3. In the Style list, click a style.
  4. In the Bands box, click a band.
  5. In Moods list, click a mood.
  6. In the Tempo box, move the slider to adjust the tempo.
  7. In the Intensity box, click one of the following options: music types

  8. Click Play to hear how the Photo Story prerecorded music sounds.
  9. Repeat steps 1 through 8 until you have selected all the music that you want to play with your story.
  10. Click Preview to play your story.

    Your entire story plays, starting at the selected picture, complete with the narration, title pages, and any background music you added.

  11. If you need to adjust the volume of a piece of background music in your story, select the anchor image, and then move the Volume slider on the Add background music page.

    For example, if you narrated your pictures, you may want to move the slider toward Low to decrease the music volume so your voice can be heard clearly over the background music.

  12. Click Next.

    If you want to return to the previous page, click Back.


Adding Pre-Recorded Music in Photo Story 3

  1. On the Add background music page, click the picture in the timeline where you want the music to begin playing, and then click Select Music.

select music in PS3

  1. A dialog box will open and you can browse to where the music file is located. Photo Story supports common audio file types such as .WAV, .WMA and .MP3.

  2. When you have found the music file you wish to use, click the Open button and the music track should now appear in the timeline, as shown below.

music track inserted

  1. You can also adjust the volume of the music by moving the slider bar, anywhere between High and Low.

  2. You can add more than one music track by clicking on the image in the timeline where you want the next music track to play and browsing to that track to select it.

two music tracks inserted

  1. Remember to save the project after you have added the pre-recorded music.




How Pre-Recorded Audio was Added to the Gettysburg Address in Photo Story 3

The following information deals with the digital story version of the Gettysburg Address which may be viewed at:

When you come to the Add background music screen, you have two choices: to either press select music or create music.

1) In this case, we want to add our own audio file of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, so we will press the button that says Select Music. Note that the audio file you want to add may not be a music file -- it may be a speech or other type of audio recording, or like in our Gettysburg Address file, an audio clip that contains both spoken words and music together. But Photo Story 3 calls all external audio files Music so this is the button we will use. (Perhaps it would have been better for the developers of Photo Story to name that button Select Audio.) When you are ready to add the pre-recorded audio, select the image in the timeline where you want the audio to begin and then click the Select Music button.


 A window like the one shown below will appear and you will browse to the location where the audio file you want to include is located. When you find it, highlight the audio file and press the Open button. This will insert the audio file into your Photo Story. Make sure in the file type box at the bottom of the window that All Audio Files is selected before you click open so that music files in all audio formats will be displayed.


You can now press the preview button to preview your story with the included audio to hear how it sounds.