Statistics: Primers and Labs


Online statistical textbooks, virtual labs, and primers:
University of Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics
Standard Normal JAVA Applets
David Howell's Statistical Homepage
University of Texas at Austin: Statistical computing resources
● University of California-Los Angeles: Statistical computing resources
Non-exhaustive list of key methodologists, mostly longitudinal analysis:
Steven M Boker: University of Virginia
Kenneth A Bollen: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Linda Collins and colleagues: Penn State University Methodology Center
Patrick J Curran: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Terry Duncan and colleagues: Oregon Research Institute
Donald Hedeker: University of Chicago at Illinois
Joop Hox: Utrecht University
Todd D Little: University of Kansas
John J McArdle: University of Southern California
Bengt O Muthén: University of California, Los Angeles
Daniel Nagin: Carnegie Mellon University
John R. Nesselroade: University of Virginia
Stephen Raudenbush: University of Michigan
David Rogosa: Stanford University
Joseph L Schafer: Pennsylvania State University
Judith D Singer: Harvard University
Alexander von Eye: Michigan State University
John Willett: Harvard University

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